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Testimonials for Dr. Dorine’s recent live 1-day event From Being Mom To Being Me ™:


“I learned a great deal about not only what people go through as an empty nester, how they can improve their lives and find joy, meaning, and adventure… but also, how I can continually work on myself.”

“She’s absolutely amazing as a trainer and speaker. If you’re thinking about redesigning your life, reinventing yourself, catching your third wind or second wind, I highly recommend Dr. Dorine.”

“I just want to say wow, kudos to Dr. Dorine for doing such an amazing event…. The exercises she took us through were absolutely great.”

“This event was great because it’s for dads… men, women or anybody. … It’s wonderful training and I recommend you come see her next time she’s presenting.”

“Well I love being here with Dorine and I think her program is really wonderful … this type of work is incredibly helpful.”


Are you looking for a dynamic, interactive and relatable speaker for your next meet-up, live event, teleseminar or radio show?   Dr. Dorine speaks to empty nesters and women who are anticipating or in the midst of a change in life role, women who want to gracefully and confidently shed their old role and explore the new and sometimes scary opportunities which lie in front of them. She offers tips and techniques to help her audience feel good about the changes and positive about their next step forward.


Favorite topics include:

  • “Topple Your Tolerations and Stop Getting in Your Own Way”
  • “The Best of Times, The Worst of Times—Making The Most of Time With Your Adult Children”

Signature speech:

  • “It’s Your Time to Soar—How to Turn Boundaries Into Blessings”


If you would like Dr. Dorine to speak at your event, email drdorine@drdorinekramer.com or call my personal hotline at (866) 653-7377.

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