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Welcome Empty Nesters!
Empty Nester Essentials Toolkit

My Empty Nest, aka “As My World Collapses.”
When my almost 18-year-old daughter left home to further her career out-of-state, my world collapsed. My 15-year-old son had decided the previous year that it wasn’t cool anymore to hang out with Mom, and so I became a de facto Empty Nester.
I knew it would be bad, but I didn’t have a clue how bad.
Feeling isolated and alone. Embarrassing tears over anything and everything. Gaining weight because all I wanted to do was eat and watch TV. Having bizarre or no conversations with my husband because he didn’t or couldn’t acknowledge the depths of my distress. No interest in sex. Dragging myself out of bed, exhausted, every morning. Not knowing what to do with myself or how to make myself feel better. Not knowing who I even was when I wasn’t doing “mom things.” And thinking I had to sort it all out by myself.
Since you are still reading this, I imagine you have felt it yourself.
But I’m guessing that somewhere inside you, there is an inkling, a feeling, a tiny spark. And it’s telling you, “Expect more. You deserve more. There’s more for you to accomplish and more for you to enjoy.” And for your journey of discovery, I suggest a guide.
It worked for me. I found someone who knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I have a bigger role to play than I thought, and got me started on my new path. She believed in me until I could believe in myself. That is who I can be for you.
Which insights and results will you discover in the “From Being Mom to Being Me”™ program?
• Rediscover romance
• End lethargy and listlessness
• Boost health and happiness
• Discover your dreams
• Restore relationships with your adult children
• Reinvent your life role
• Rediscover your best self
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