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Calling All Empty Nesters and The People Who Love Them…

Calling All Empty Nesters and The People Who Love Them…


Have You Heard?

You still have the opportunity to claim a seat for the intimate “From Being Mom to Being Me”™ experience this Saturday, May 12, at the Beverly Hills Country Club in West Los Angeles.

Why should you come?

Because…It’s YOUR Time!!


Isn’t it?

Look, you’ve spent the last eighteen or more years focused on doing your very best for your kids, right? Isn’t it time for you now? Don’t waste another minute—go to http://drdorine.eventbrite.com/ and get a ticket for you and a friend to “From Being Mom to Being Me.”™

How would it feel when you Rediscover Your Identity that you put aside while you were parenting 24 hours a day?

What would it be like to Find Your True Passion and Purpose?

How quickly can you revel in your New Life Role because you are the Complete and Authentic YOU?

Can you imagine the feeling of waking up grateful and joyful about each new day?

Now you can get the Secrets to Discover Who You Are when you aren’t being Mom.

What are you passionate about? What is your purpose in this new role you have? What does your dream life look and feel like?

Join Us In Los Angeles on May 12 to find out! Reserve your seat at http://drdorine.eventbrite.com/

Imagine yourself waking up excited on Saturday, May 12, ready to start your journey to your best self.

Sooner or later you’ll want to make that journey. Why not start now? Give yourself the Mother’s Day gift you deserve by giving yourself the gift of your Self. In the days and weeks ahead you can start to notice how unlimited you feel and how you are becoming the awesome parent your grown-up children want to hang out with!

If you are…

  • Feeling like you don’t know your own identity when you aren’t being a parent
  • Wondering what on earth you will do to fill your time without teenagers around
  • Confused about your changing life role
  • Worried about your relationship with your child or spouse
  • Uncertain about the future
  • Tempted to curl up and isolate yourself because you think no one will understand

Then bring a friend or a relative and join me in our private workshop this Saturday to explore how to…

  • Redefine your identity
  • Boost your relationship and communication skills
  • Find your passion and purpose
  • Re-imagine your future
  • Redesign your life

You’ve spent so many years looking after others, isn’t it time to make yourself a priority?

I know it’s short notice, but come because you are important. Grab that friend you know will benefit, or your neighbor or your sister-in-law for moral support, and come because it only takes a day to change your life and your future. Take the first step by getting a ticket at http://drdorine.eventbrite.com/ .

Treat yourself to support and some ideas that could change your life. Nip your isolation in the bud by socializing with others in the same boat as you! And please share this invitation with someone else you know who can benefit.

Because it’s so important for you to take this step into your new life, I want to make your decision easy for you. How? You can go directly to drdorine.eventbrite.com to get your $297 value tickets for the irresistible price of only $97. And you can bring a friend for free with the two-for-one pricing!!

If you have questions you can contact me directly at drdorine@drdorinekramer.com. Make sure you leave me your name, email and phone number and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Imagine how excited you will be when your transformation begins on Saturday, May 12! You already know you deserve this, don’t you? So make your decision and take action to register now!

This is just the beginning, and remember

When your kids leave the nest….
    It’s Your Time To Soar

With love and anticipation,


Dr. Dorine

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