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When your nest is empty... It's your time to soar.

Empty Nest Moms: What Perfume Personality Are You?

You may be wondering what perfume personalities have to do with being an empty nest mom. Well, here’s the train of thought

I’m an empty nest mom. And I vividly remember the journey from not knowing who I was or who I wanted to be to having the identity, confidence and purpose that I have now.

I took another kind of journey today—flying from Los Angeles to London. And on the way, I mentally tried on the fanciful perfume descriptions in the “Retail Therapy” magazine. Each perfume was designed with a different type of woman in mind. It was fun and inspiring, and in some cases eye-opening imagining myself with each personality and characteristic. I thought you might like to try some of them on for yourself.

Are You The Optimist?

This is one of my favorites: “the fragrance of an optimistic woman who believes in happiness and never lets her chance to experience it pass her by.” Now I can only imagine what you want, but I definitely want to grab that brass ring every time it’s within reach. Why would you want to pass by any opportunity to experience happiness? But, here’s the catch, you will miss an awful lot of them unless you believe a happy experience or outcome is possible and affirm that in your self-talk and to others. And it helps if you also realize that happiness can come from the silver lining when something nasty comes along. Hence the “believes in happiness” part. Does this personality appeal to you?

Are You Keeping Your Power as an Empty Nest Mom?
How does the perfume personality that “perfectly balances female empowerment and elegance” sit with you? I love it! It’s an awesome experience when I have the privilege of hearing or sharing a stage with a woman who embodies femininity and elegance and is able to use those personality traits as a leader to convey a powerful message. Do you want to be a powerful feminine leader? I sure do!

Does The Temptress Appeal to You?
Would you like to try on “voluptuous, compelling, seductive, hedonistic—for temptresses everywhere?” Sounds like fun, right? Or maybe a little challenging, or a lot challenging, depending on whether it’s outside of your comfort zone, or not. Have you heard the expression “life begins outside your comfort zone?” Well, your imagination is a great place to try it out. What would be different in your life if you had this perfume personality, as least occasionally? Would your relationships change? Could you just have some fun with it? How would you walk? How would you dress? Would you be willing to challenge that kareoke stage you’ve always wished you were brave enough to get on?

There are so many other perfume personalities to try out. There’s the “authentic, simple, effortlessly, exquisitely feminine,” the “street culture, rock and roll elegance” the “walk on the wild side” and the “delicate, sophisticated and seductive,” among others.

There’s nobody you have to answer to when you do this. You don’t even have to have the actual perfumes—the descriptions will do. Having said that, scent is a very powerful sense, and trying these out with actual scents will help you anchor in the experience you create. Consult with an aromatherapist for ideas and help on how to do this with natural non-toxic products.

Give your imagination free rein and have fun with these experiences. You might just find that being an empty nester mom has some perks that you hadn’t noticed before, because remember–

        When your kids leave the nest…
             It’s your time to soar!

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8 Responses to Empty Nest Moms: What Perfume Personality Are You?

  1. This is a lot of fun Dorine! I can envision you and Joyce and Julie all standing over beakers of aromatherapy fragrance mixtures like little mad scientists getting the ‘aromas’ just right for each personality. It’s a great idea!

  2. Dr. Dorine says:

    I love the image, Lynn! We might have to figure out how to send smell-o-grams, though!

  3. Nice distinctions! Naturally, we tend to block uncomfortable feelings. But such fragrances! Surely we would never block those?

  4. Katie Bauer says:

    I love it! It reminds me of how we can also compare ourselves to fine wine–full bodied, sophisticated, a touch of fruitiness, whispers of pizzazz… Of those fragrances you listed, I think I would definitely like to try on being the Optimist… The temptress one scares me and I’m not all that feminine, so definitely the optimist! How fun!

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