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Although I am a medical doctor, my coaching programs, which may include hypnosis and NLP, are non-medical in nature and are for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you need therapy or medical attention, it is your responsibility to seek the care of an appropriate, qualified and licensed clinical therapist or clinical medical professional.


In the State of California, licensure is neither required nor available for coaches, hypnotherapists or NLP practitioners. Dorine Kramer, DGK Unlimited, Your Time to Soar, and From Being Mom to Being Me do not offer or practice therapy of any kind, nor do they offer any medical or diagnostic services of any description.


Your results in our programs are entirely dependent on the effort, time and focus you apply.


Important Notice:
According to the new FTC guidelines, I have to tell you that sometimes I get paid when you purchase products or services I talk about or recommend in my blog, newsletter or website. I don’t always get paid, but often I do, so you should assume that I will. Please know that I don’t recommend anything to you that I wouldn’t suggest to my family and friends. However, it is your responsibility to do your own due diligence before purchasing anything. As with any purchase, satisfy yourself as to the quality and value before you buy!

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