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I am living proof that there is abundance, joy and purpose on the other side of the empty nest experience.  Whether your children are about to leave, or they have already moved on to lives outside of the family home, I am committed to helping you transform “from being mom to being me”  just as I did.  It is my great honor and privilege to help you find your own most rewarding life path.


I chose to leave my medical career so I could be a stay-at-home mom raising my two amazing children, Stephanie and Benjamin.  When they left for college, I found myself confused and uncertain about who I was and what I wanted.  As a result,
my confidence plummeted and my health suffered, as did my marriage and my relationships with my children.  Having spent so many years putting my family’s needs and wants above my own, I found it challenging to focus on myself.  It was several years before I began to understand how to make the necessary shifts–to find the motivation and the means to rediscover my true self, redesign my life role and re-envision my future.  Now, as a speaker, certified strategy and accountability coach, and author of the forthcoming book From Being Mom to Being Me: 5 Steps to Purpose, Passion and Your Dream Life When Your Nest Is Empty, I take the same techniques that helped me and use them to help you in your own transformation.


In my BC (before children) life, I accomplished a lot. I earned my MD and MPH at University of California, worked at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and then the National Health Service in London, England, did consultant work for the World Health Organization, and was one of about 30 doctors on the AIDS task force in the days before that disease even had a name. Yet all those accomplishments paled in the face of my empty nest.


Have you lost yourself in raising your children?  Are you feeling alone, confused, irrelevant or useless because your children no longer require your full attention?  If you want to find out what’s next for you, I would be honored to help.  Just click this link and we’ll schedule your complimentary “From Being Mom to Being Me”™ strategy session with me.

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