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Monthly Archives: January 2012

3 Secret Wishes Your Adult Child Won’t Tell You About

As an empty nester, you know your adult child is part of your life in a different way than before. When you lived together, you knew his moods, you knew his friends and a lot of the time you probably … Continue reading

Posted in Empty Nesters | 9 Comments

The Rhyme And Reason For Gratitude in Empty Nesters

I was going to write today about the self imposed isolation that is such a common problem for empty nesters, but instead I want to write about gratitude. Why the radical change in topic, you might wonder? Well yesterday I … Continue reading

Posted in Empty Nesters, Gratitude | Tagged , , , , , , | 11 Comments

3 Childhood Keys to Feeling Youthful in Your Empty Nest

Is your empty nest making you feel older or younger? Wouldn’t you prefer feeling youthful? Think about what it was like for you before you had children or even what it was like for you when your own children were … Continue reading

Posted in Empty Nesters | Tagged , , , , , , , | 16 Comments
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